Path Bashing

So true, I dont believe I have said anything about another belief system, good or bad. I agree with whats said here. Thank You for this.

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Path bashing is the vocal objection to religious or spiritual practices that seem counterintuitive to your own practices.  In my experience in the Pagan community, this happens most often with two things: concepts of deity (i.e. unverified personal gnosis) and application of the Rede.  This term does not apply to discrimination of a group from a path (namely the “women-born-women” ridiculousness in certain female only groups and festivals); that is a whole different animal.  It does incorporate the exclusion of Judeo-Christian Witches from being “valid” practitioners and complaining about how Wiccan-centric Pagan shops are.  It also applies to bashing mainstream religions as well, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.

If you do this purposely, shame on you.  It is definitely one thing to have a difference of opinion.  It is also fine to express it rationally and reasonably.  But how dare you name someone or someone’s practice feel inferior…

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